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VOTD: Beppe Marotta talks Juventus transfers, preseason training in Chatillon

This time of year is when Beppe Marotta's quotes regarding Juventus are most coveted. That doesn't mean at other times it isn't, but this is the almighty summer transfer window — a two-month period every year where he has done the majority of the business to build the two-time defending Serie A champions into what they are today.

Friday was another one those days where the microphones were all pointed in Marotta's directions.

For the first time in a good number of days, Marotta spoke openly to the Italian media about Juventus' transfer business. Obviously the biggest development was the fact that wingback Mauricio Isla looks like he'll be staying in Turin for the immediate future after talks with Inter broke down. But there was more to it than just what the future has in store for a certain Chilean winger who didn't play all that much at all last season.

Those recent rumors of Mirko Vucinic being on the market and possibly on the move? Yeah, Marotta talked about that.

Were you wondering how the new signings — Fernando Llorente, Carlos Tevez and Angelo Ogbonna — are adjusting to life at Juventus? That topic was definitely brought up.

Bringing in another player for the left flank, say Aleksandar Kolarov or Juan Zúñiga? He talked about that, too.

Addressing the fact that Juve probably have one too many strikers on the current roster? There was that, too.

For nearly seven minutes Marotta talked about all that's still to be done in the current mercato. And in typical Marotta fashion, there was information given, but not too much that would hurt any potential moves that he has in the mixer for down the road. Not too many questions, but just enough to get a possible idea of what Marotta has planned for the next six weeks while the window is still open to make moves.