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Fernando Llorente: 'It's a dream for me to play here'

The surprise of the day: Fernando Llorente speaks better Italian than some actual Italians.

Jasper Juinen

It seems like Fernando Llorente has had a smile on his face ever since his plane touched down in Turin. And it's easy to understand why — this trip to Italy is one that he's been waiting to make for months and months. He spent his final season at Athletic Bilbao virtually glued to the bench for the entire year, only to know that a move to Juventus was in the cards after agreeing to terms in the January transfer window.

But on Tuesday, he was finally able to be presented as a Juve player.

Llorente officially met the Italian media for the time a day after touching down in Turin, the same ear-to-ear smile still on his face he had when he first arrived on Italian soil. Working in some fairly decent Italian while also speaking a good portion of Spanish, the 28-year-old Spain international certainly showed how happy he was to finally start this new journey in his career.

Unlike Carlos Tevez and the No. 10 being issued to him, there wasn't much hoopla in comparison when it came to what number Llorente would sport on his back next season. With the No. 9 he sported at Bilbao and No. 19 he wore with the Spanish national team currently occupied by Mirko Vucinic and Leonardo Bonucci, respectively, Llorente had to make a choice.

Well that settles that. So much for the rumors he was going to pull a Wayne Gretzky and sport No. 99.

But onto the really important stuff — like how Llorente is feeling after starting just four games in La Liga last season after everything that happened a summer before at Bilbao.

And what about adjusting to Serie A? (A place, for the record, that Spanish players haven't always had the best of times getting used to when they move from La Liga.)

And how did Llorente feel after posing for a picture with Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici? Happy, with a big smile on his face, of course.