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Beppe Marotta says that Mauricio Isla "is not currently on the market"

Claudio Villa

Since he arrived from Udinese last summer, Mauricio Isla's career at Juventus hasn't exactly been what one would call "normal." Having him continue to rehab from a serious knee injury was one thing, but being buried on the bench until basically the last month of the season was something nobody could have predicted.

An exit this summer seemed certain as the weeks have gone by, with rivals Inter Milan looking to buy a share of the wingback who is co-owned by Juventus and Udinese. Reports emerged that only formalities separated Isla from a move to the San Siro as he looked for a team that would ensure him first-team football in the season leading up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and that Juve were apparently on the hunt for somebody else to bring in.

However, as of Friday afternoon, Juventus director general Beppe Marotta has said that the 25-year-old Chilean doesn't look like he'll be changing teams in the very near future. From Juventus' official website:

Setting the record straight, Marotta added: "Inter have shown interest in Isla. We listened to their proposal, evaluated the economic offer and asked the manager's opinion. The player isn't currently on the market."

For those of us like yours truly, Isla being off the market — at least for the time being, of course — is certainly a very welcome development. If he is indeed a Juventus player when the transfer market closes in September, then they have made the choice to not recoup most of the price they paid for half of Isla's contract last summer and shown at least some kind of faith in him — something that wasn't all that certain when the 2012-13 campaign came to a close.

That could very well be different when I sit down to my computer in the beginning of December and potentially ramble about how Isla has started three league games against teams that will likely be battling relegation. Who knows how things will go when the season gets going if Isla is indeed staying in Turin. But for right now, it's a sign that Marotta and Antonio Conte at least see that Isla quite possibly have a role within the squad this season.