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VOTD: Gianluigi Buffon robs Diego Forlan not once, but twice

Seeing Gianluigi Buffon put on a clinic in goal isn't exactly some newfound phenomenon. It's actually quite the contrary. To be the best in the world, you must continually show us why — and I'm pretty sure Buffon has done that.

But just in case you were wondering if a 35-year-old Buffon still had it, go ahead an watch the video above.

In a game that featured not much to play for other than third-place at a tournament that isn't exactly the highest on Italy's priority list, Buffon made sure the team he captains were able to go on summer vacation with their head held high. (Although one could argue a few weeks in Brazil in June no matter what you're there for is a vacation already.)

Sure, it ended in penalties — where Buffon stopped three out of five shots by Uruguay, including one on Juventus teammate Martin Caceres' attempt — but it wouldn't have been if not for the double he did against Diego Forlan, making two remarkable saves in a matter of two seconds.

Did I mention he's 35 years old? I think so.

And as he closes in on Fabio Cannavaro's cap record — Buffon won his 133rd agains Uruguay and needs three more to tie the former Italy captain — San Gigi isn't showing any signs of slowing down. But then again, most of us around these parts know that having watched him week-win and week-out the past two years after he returned from back surgery.

Still, it's always nice to see Buffon doing Buffon things. When isn't it, though?