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Juventus news or Juventus snooze? A weekend link dump

Why a link dump? Well, you probably need a break from laughing after all of those Paul Pogba-Arsenal rumors that almost broke the internet.

Tullio M. Puglia

Transfer rumors here. Transfer rumors there. Everywhere you look there's a transfer rumors.

Instead of agreeing to a pair of co-ownership deals with Udinese the first week of June, Beppe Marotta's summer thus far has been filled with behind-the-scenes work rather than making signing announcements. Different summer, different priorities, of course. That's pretty easy to understand. But with all the Juventus-centered transfer activity being nothing but a bunch of rumors and an interview here or there, Marotta has laid low thus far.

And that's perfectly fine with me. I'd rather him do the work that's needed under the radar rather than basically negotiating with clubs in the press like some people we know have done in the past.

Because of that, though, all there's been is the 'what ifs' with the rumors of players coming to town or packing their bags. So we need something to pass the time, right? Agnelli unveils Juventus Legends project

Whenever you can bring the group of former Juve players listed in the link above, it's pretty cool. Obviously the headliner will be this weekend's friendly against Real Madrid legends, but it'll be interesting to see what else Andrea Agnelli's latest creation in the future. And if that means more charity matches, that's perfectly okay with me.


Football Italia: What's next for Immobile?

I'm sure this isn't the last we're going to hear about potential moves when it comes to Ciro's future. Over the past 36 hours he's been linked with a stay at Genoa or named part of the deal that sees Torino defender Angelo Ogbonna come to Turin. While that very well could be true (the deal was reported by Tuttosport), it seems like the 23-year-old striker's future is anything but set in stone at this point in time.


WhoScored: Why Higuain is Europe's in demand striker

A very good argument about the potential impact Higuain could have if he were to move to Juventus this summer. Not only do we get the stats, but also the usual WhoScored brilliance when it comes to graphics to support things. A very interesting read after our Higuain Q & A with Managing Madrid on Thursday.


ESPNFC: Prandelli has delicate touch as he reshapes Italy

Mr. Zonal Marking, Michael Cox, examines the changes that Cesare Prandelli has made since taking over as Italy manager nearly three years ago. While the over quality of players have improved since Marcello Lippi's squad was bounced in the group stages in 2010, there has been more than just squad selection involved in Prandelli's rejuvination of the 2006 World Cup winners.


ESPNFC: Chelsea needs clear direction as transfer cattle-market opens

Why am I linking this? Because it says Chelsea need to sign Arturo Vidal and that is quite amusing.


The Hard Tackle: Leali and Boakye excel in Serie B

I heard the writer is a decent fella. Maybe he should hang out around these parts and share his wisdom with us...