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Could Juventus be looking towards Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez?

Hey! Another striker linked to Juventus this summer! That seems odd. Or not really.

Alex Livesey

Another week, another top striker target for Juventus. Or that's what the rumor mill is churning out these days. It's almost like musical chairs or people are just picking strikers' names out of a hat. "Ohhhhh, who are we gonna get today?!" It's a summer of fun, fun, fun.

Anyways, here's what ESPN's On the Move blog has to say about the latest name linked to Juventus:

Carlos Tevez is emerging as a top target for Serie A giants Juventus, with the Manchester City striker reportedly second in line behind Stevan Jovetic as the Bianconeri's preferred new frontman.

Jovetic is being closely monitored by Arsenal and Chelsea, and is expected to make a move away from Fiorentina to the Premier League this summer. Should the 23-year-old snub the overtures of Juventus, Tevez will be offered the opportunity to move to Turin, according to the Daily Mail.

Tevez has just one year remaining on his current contract, and City may be persuaded to cash in on the Argentine before he leaves on a free transfer. Meanwhile, Tevez is also seen as an ideal partner for fellow Juventus target Gonzalo Higuain.

This quite the big three we've assembled here the past two weeks. First it was Joveitc, then it was Higauin, now it's Tevez. I wonder who it will be this time next week. They're running out of names. Or will they just start this cycle over again? I dunno. It's so unlike papers these days to rehash rumors about transfers...

The Italian press was jumping all over a move for the 29-year-old Manchester City striker, stating that Tevez seemingly has a deal in place with Juventus and all that had to be done was Beppe Marotta and City coming to an agreement on a transfer fee. Because, ya know, that's pretty important.

Who knows. It's just another day of waiting until the transfer window actually opens and deciding how much nonsense actually has some kind of truth behind it all. Remember this time last year when Marotta already had two players in the bag? I kinda miss that.