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Talkin' Gonzalo Higuain: Q&A with SB Nation's Managing Madrid

Want to know more about Gonzalo Higuain? Good, so do we! That's why we've sought the help of SB Nation's Real Madrid blog, Managing Madrid, to have a Q&A session about Juventus' next possible striker.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
1. Some Juventini have been hesitant about spending big money on somebody like Gonzalo Higuain. What would you say to convince them otherwise?

You clearly need a scorer. Llorente isn't that kind of player exactly, he's better at creating opportunities for his teammates thanks to his great aerial skills. Higuaín would be an ideal partner for Llorente upfront. Plus, his defensive workrate is admirable. Good player that will help you win three points down the road. That I can promise.

2. How would describe Higuain's playing style? Is he more than just a goal scorer?

He started his career being a second striker that could even play on the wing, but he's now developed into a pure striker without many more skills. He does cross the ball well when he's found on the wing, but he shouldn't be able to play in another position other than striker. He's well suited to play counter attack but he struggles against tight defensive lines. He's quite fast in the counterattack but he doesn't have that touch needed to convert all the chances.

For Real Madrid he's struggled quite a lot in Europe, scoring only seven goals in seven Champions League seasons, that's his main problem. Expect him to score against weak teams in Serie A, but fail in the top rivalry matches. That's been a trend in Real Madrid. He's still young and he could learn a lot though. I think I once liked the Higuaín-on-the-wing more than the center striker one, but his body has developed quite a lot and I don't see him being able to adapt to the wing position anymore. He has the body of a center striker.

3. How well do you think Higauin could adapt to Serie A?

If he was to play by himself in the offensive line, I would say that he will struggle a lot, because he doesn't know how to play against tight defensive lines. The key to open that door would be Llorente. He could give Higuaín a lot of space to move to and should also give him some through balls off his aerial game. His intensity has no match in the striker position, though. Expect him to fight for EVERY ball.

4. Seeing as Juve have already signed Fernando Llorente, do you think he and Higauin would be a solid match up top for Antonio Conte?

It depends on what your goal is. If you plan to win the Champions League, then no, I don't think Higuaín-Llorente is a solid couple to win the European trophy. But they are definitely better than Vucinic (whom I think is a greater player than most give him credit for) and Matri/Quagliarella. The bad thing for you is that I don't think a Giovinco-Higuaín duo would work very well in the Serie A. Giovinco might have to adapt to another position or Conte find him another one, he's too good to be on the bench, you want him on the pitch but I don't see him pairing up with Higuaín or Llorente, frankly. But Fernando and Gonzalo would form a very good couple there, complementing each other. That's an improvement, for sure.