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Confederations Cup Game(s) Time Thread: Italy vs. Uruguay / Spain vs. Brazil

Azzurri modeling shoot in Brazil, featuring Sebastian Giovinco.
Azzurri modeling shoot in Brazil, featuring Sebastian Giovinco.
Claudio Villa

One more day. One game means kinda means something. One game doesn't really mean anything at all.

For Italy, they're in the game that doesn't mean jack other than Martin Caceres possibly getting the chance to play against some of his Juventus teammates outside of training in Vinovo. That'd be cool, even if he has to wear a jersey that has a v-neck design that looks like something out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

But what kind of lineups both managers will throw out there is anybody's guess. The reserves will play. Andrea Pirlo's beard will sit on the bench for the last 90 minutes of the Confederations Cup and that's about it (and the way it should be) as he admires the game from afar.

There won't be any appearance by Pirlo, who has been ruled out through injury. The same goes for Andrea Barzagli, whose Achilles problem saw him come off at halftime against Spain in the semifinals on Thursday. And other changes will likely be on the way, giving the Juventus contingent and core of the Italian roster a much-needed rest following the 120-plus minutes in the heat against La Roja three days earlier.

And while I wrap up this slick little intro and pat myself on the back for churning out this many words, I pose a question to all of you: Why the hell does the Confederations Cup, a tournament that barely spans two weeks and had eight teams to begin with, need a third-place game to begin with?

Go ahead and discuss. I'm off to go see how many times Neymar dives after barely getting touched by somebody in the championship game against Spain. Sounds like a good little Sunday if I do say so myself.