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Claudio Marchisio shocks nobody, says he wants to remain at Juventus

Because what else would you expect him to say?

Claudio Villa

Claudio Marchisio has spent all of his adult life at Juventus. Heck, he spent much of his childhood at Juventus as well. There are few people on the current roster who bleed the Juventus colors like Il Principino does. He has come through the youth system, paid his dues, and now he developed into a cornerstone of Juve's present and future under Antonio Conte.

And it doesn't look like that is going to be changing any time soon, even though the Italian press has continuously shoved the notion down our face that big-money offers for the 27-year-old midfielder will be coming Juve's way in the very near future.

Following what Beppe Marotta said over the weekend, this shouldn't be any kind of surprise. Even without Marotta's confirmation that Marchisio's best interest is priority No. 1, it shouldn't be any kind of surprise that Principino should say some kinds of things even though the press have been linking with a move to Manchester United, Monaco, and just about any other location that they pulled out a hat.

Like I said a little less than two weeks ago, the rumors were funny to begin with, let alone there was no kind of evidence that Marchisio was even the slightest bit interested in a move away from Turin. But who needs evidence when you're trying to sell some papers, right?

Claudio Marchisio is staying and that's the way it should be — not that there was any doubt to begin with.