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Understanding the logic behind Juventus' rumored move for Angelo Ogbonna

We now interrupt you from your regularly scheduled talk of how much Stevan Jovetic is really worth to bring you this important message...

Marco Luzzani

Top striker sgined? Check.

Juventus supporters finally off Beppe Marotta's back? Check.

Finding a budget-friendly acquisition at the same time? Check.

Time to fill other "needs"? You better believe it.

It's safe to say that Marotta and his right-hand man, Fabio Paratici, are having a good week. It's probably going to be described as better than simply "good," but we'll just stick with that for the time being. Bringing in Carlos Tevez, a player Juve has had their eye own for a couple of years now, was the ultimate coup that Marotta had been lacking since he took over as director general.

And, if the Italian press can be trusted (lolwut), there's more news on its way in just a matter of days, this time with Angelo Ogbonna Juve's next possible transfer sweep.

So there's that. Is it basically something like this: One transfer target captured, and the rest of the dominos will begin to fall? Hey, it makes sense. I didn't expect it to be done so quickly after Tevez was signed, but if the GdS think so — and so did La Stampa, who had the initial report on Friday — then Juventus could very well be wrapping up another one of their rumored deals before preseason training starts in two weeks on July 12.

For weeks, Juventus have been linked to Ogbonna — Torino's 25-year-old Italian international central defender — somebody who has been a rumored target of the Italian champions for the better part of the last few years. There have been reports he had agreed to terms, was going to sign, then not sign, then cost more than first thought, then Juve and Torino agreed to a fee, and so on. You probably get the gist of it by now.

Who is he? What does he bring to the table? Well, Mina Rzouki told us just a few days ago.

The opportunity of being coached by the likes of Giampiero Ventura has helped the player to develop his tactical positioning as well as his movements on the ball. Relying more on his technique as opposed to his physical strength, Ogbonna has learned to slowly shed the flaws that hindered his play. Composed, fast and blessed with good vision, the defender continues to improve each year and has been likened to Juve's defensive stalwart Giorgio Chiellini. Although barring their powerful style of play, there are many differences between the two.

With Juventus desperately missing pace at the back and considering the impact Chiellini's absence had on the team during his injury, investing in Ogbonna, regardless of the heavy price tag, is a welcome idea.

It could very well be.

The price for Ogbonna has been rumored to be anywhere from €8 million to €12 million with some sort of co-ownership exchange of a young player, probably striker Ciro Immobile, thrown in to keep the price within reason (for some, of course). That's not exactly cheap when you consider Ogbonna won't be dethroning the Andrea Barzagli-Leonardo Bonucci-Giorgio Chiellini three-man defense next season, but it's something that will add another quality defender to the squad.

Obviously, in theory, adding somebody like Ogbonna would make getting playing time for the likes of Martin Caceres and/or Luca Marrone (if he's still viewed as a defender next season) a little tougher. But, you would think, it will also provide Antonio Conte with even more tactical flexibility as the talk of a switch to a 4-3-3 doesn't go away. Ogbonna would be a natural fill-in for Chiellini, somebody who obviously is one of his classic bone-crushing tackle away from another long-term injury stint.

Is he going to cost a little more than he should? Probably, it's tough to find bargains when you're dealing with a player in his mid-20s that is highly-rated and a rumored target of big clubs in Italy and throughout Europe. That's just the price of doing business with Torino when it comes to Ogbonna, city rival or non-city rival.

Either way, Marotta's good week could tack on a few more days. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.