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Carlos Tevez: 'It was an easy decision because Juve play for the maximum objectives'

Alex Livesey

For nearly an hour on Thursday morning and into the afternoon, Carlos Tevez and the two men who helped seal his move to Juventus — Fabio Paratici and Beppe Marotta — met with the media at the Argentine striker's official presentation after his €9 million move from Manchester City. There was a lot covered, as is to be expected with such attention being put on the transfer and a room full of Italian journalists waiting to see just who the newest signing really is.

And it's understandable. How long have we, as fans, been waiting for Juve to sign a player of Tevez's ilk? How long have the press been calling out for Marotta and the men who work immediately under him to go after somebody like Tevez who can vastly improve the squad? Just think about how many times papers like Tuttosport have drawn up their front pages with huge Tevez pictures gracing the majority of it with stories about Juve's potential interest.

Hey, at least they can say one of their rumors finally stuck...

But this was about Tevez, not the people who will be covering him over the next few seasons. Speaking Spanish through a translator, the 29-year-old Argentinian showed no signs of what has certainly been a whirlwind 48-hour period for him and his family.

Was it a tough call to make even though he had admitted to basically coming to the end of his run at Manchester City?

There, of course, were questions about wearing the No. 10 at Juventus, a shirt that was vacant last season after Alessandro Del Piero's departure. Tevez handled those questions with ease (as he did basically all of them), showing a massive amount of respect for the man he last donned such an important number in the club's history.

That's respect, and it's exactly what you want to hear from somebody who is arriving with a lot of expectations regardless of what number he has on the back of his jersey. But that seemed to be the theme of Tevez's press conference — he didn't shy away from much, even when a question could have stirred up a little bit of trouble if it hadn't been answered the right kind of way.

The general consensus after the press conference was completed? Juventus wanted Tevez and he was just as interested in coming to Turin. He wanted the chance to play football Italy and now he's getting that chance in a Juventus jersey. You can't ask for much more than that, really.