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VOTD: Carlos Tevez presented to the Italian media as a Juventus player

Carlos Tevez, Juventus supporters. Juventus supporters, Carlos Tevez. Now go off and play nice, you two.

It almost seems like the Carlos Tevez move to Juventus is being played in some kind of warp speed.

Just 36 hours ago we were talking about reports in Italy maybe or maybe not being true. Then, boom! Tevez is standing outside Juve headquarters holding up his new jersey. Then, several hours later, Tevez a picture or two is posted on the club's official website holding said jersey as Tevez stands alongside club president Andrea Agnelli.

That's about as official as one can get, folks. Well, it actually was considering the Juventus press office officially was announcing the swoop for the 29-year-old Argentinian had been agreed upon for an initial fee of €9 million.

Now, we have the final step in Tevez's journey from Manchester to Turin — his presentation at Juventus Stadium.

This is not only a thread to treat line any other game, but to watch the presentation that will see Tevez speak for the first time since officially becoming a member and the new No. 10 of Juventus. The club has been spreading the word, sending out notifications like it's going out of style. It's always nice to see one waiting for you when you get home from a long day at work.

So here we are. Enjoy, and hopefully we can understand what the heck Tevez is saying through all of this.

If not, take back the jersey number and make him score all the goals he can. Okay, the second part can happen regardless of his public speaking skills. That'd sure be pretty awesome.