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Telegraph writer: Gonzalo Higuain has 'agreed in principle' to a deal with Arsenal

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The past few days have seen Gonzalo Hiugain shift towards one of Juventus' top choices in the 'Great Striker Hunt of 2013' to being ready to roll out to London and sign with Arsenal. And while the first might as well be true, the second is continuing to look a lot more likely at this point in time.

Well, according to the Telegraph's Jeremy Wilson, Higuain's future could very well be close to making Option No. 2 a reality rather than something a bunch of newspapers talk about for days upon days.

According to our blog brethren over at The Short Fuse, SB Nation's Arsenal home, Wilson is totally spreading crap on the internet on a regular basis like other football folks these days. There have been reports that Hiugain might have already agreed to terms with the Gunners, but, as The Short Fuse folks point out, it's never been stated in this kind of way before.

Translation: This is pretty damn blunt.

While it may be total crap, it kinda seems like the way the pendulum has swung in recent days. Higuain has been one of Arsenal's top targets ever since all of this madness started a few weeks ago. Arsene Wenger's supposed war chest full of money has been talked about almost as much as Higuain himself, and this seems to be the first move that the Arsenal manager wants to complete ASAP.

But of course, as Wilson's report states, it's dependent on when Real Madrid get a new manager Carlo Ancelotti under contract. How fun. More reason to just sit in a chair and twiddle our thumbs like good little children until something is actually official.

Who knows. Beppe Marotta could very well be dialing a London-based number right now to still jump on into the fray.