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Open Euro Under-21 Championships/Confederations Cup viewing thread

Valerio Pennicino

Are you ready for a weekend full of Italy? I hope so.

First it's the not-so-full-strength Azzurrini looking to advance into the Euro Under-21 finals against the Netherlands and their big and bright orange jerseys. I'm just warning you so that you adjust your television screens accordingly. Just a favor from me to you, guys.

Ah, but there's more!

What will Neymar's hair look like? How immaculate will Dante's afro look when he comes out of the tunnel for warmups? Will the Brazil fans revolt if their team doesn't score five or six goals in their first game? How small will Hulk's jersey be?

The most important question is this: Will anybody in the crowd walk up to Alberto Zaccheroni and tell him what a great job he did at Juventus? Yeah, that Alberto Zaccheroni, the same guy who replaced Ciro Ferrera a few years back.

So many questions, so many answers to wait for!

It should be quite an intriguing opener at the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil with Italy and Mexico kicking off in less than 24 hours from now. And as has been the case throughout the Under-21 tournament, there's surely going to be more than a few senior squad members watching the youngsters play against the Netherlands.

SB Nation team previews for both Japan and Brazil can be found by clicking the respective country name. It's just that easy, ladies and gentlemen!