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Pre-Confenderations Cup link dump with a Juventus twist

Transfer rumors, press conferences, and declaring why Claudio Marchisio is important to Juventus. Seems like just another week at the office.

Claudio Villa Continassa project receives green light

I can safely say this is the first time I've ever heard "99-year contract" used in a sentence and have it be completely serious. This is a big-time project for Juve, one that they've been working on for a number of years. The location is right next to Juventus Stadium, which will be the latest gem in what has been a completely beautiful project that all of Italy should be jealous of. It's gonna have just about anything — hotels, training grounds, media facilities, etc. etc. And probably the most important thing of all, it will mean Juve's headquarters are right where they should be — in Turin.

Hard to believe just a decade ago the Delle Alpi was taking up the same area of land. It's been quite a turnaround.


Gazzetta dello Sport (English): Andrea Barzagli press conference quotes

As one of the most modest Juventus players, I always like when there's a chance to see and/or read what Barzagli has to say. Much like his defending style, it's quite classy. The Great Wall talks about everything from how he's been able to be an absolute beast the past two years to what Italy needs to do at the Confederations Cup. It's hard not love just how level-headed he is when it comes to talking about his own personal success.


Football Italia: Atalanta on Cigarini and Gabbiadini

Forget the Cigarini part. This is all about Atalanta giving us a big hint as to where the talented 21-year-old striker will be playing next season. The subject of Thursday morning's post, it seems as though Gabbiadini will be playing his football in Bergamo next season. It's not official, but everything seems to be pointing in that direction. Yeah, that's speculation on my part. Sue me. (You won't get much.)


ESPNFC: No Juve without Claudio Marchisio

There's been a whoooooooole lot of speculation about the future after what Il Principino said on Thursday regarding his future. And while I completely understand where he was coming from with the quotes — he's not the kind of player to out-and-out declare just how important he is to Juventus — the rumors of his exit (and subsequent freakout) continue to roll on. Luckily those of us on Team Claudio have Mina Rzouki fresh off a vacation speaking for the masses. Too bad Tuttosport doesn't listen, ya know?


Bloomberg Sports names four Juventus players in Europe's Top 50 players

Only two English players? The horror!

Luckily we care more about the Juventus players on the list — Andrea Pirlo, Giorgio Chiellini, Arturo Vidal, and Kwadwo Asamoah. I don't know about you, but it seems like there's a few missing, doesn't it? Maybe a little more love for Mr. Barzagli. I mean, Kevin Constant made the list, people. And having no Gigi Buffon and Christian Abbiati at No. 28 certainly makes me tilt my head to the side a little like a confused dog.


The Hard Tackle: Juventus youth profile — Coppa Italia triumph for Primavera

Only because I want Somnath to say thanks on Twitter again. Maybe. Okay, not really. His latest Juventus-related piece of writing is actually quite informative.