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The day that was: Mauricio Isla might be on his way to Inter...or maybe not

Translation: We don't really know where Mauricio Isla will be playing next season.

Claudio Villa

Of all the co-ownership contracts that Juventus have to resolve in the next week and change, Mauricio Isla's might be the most interesting. Not because he isn't a good player, because he is. But for the simple fact that during his first season in Turin, we never really saw the old Isla on a full-time basis.

We might have seen it in spurts, here or there when he actually got to play after Juventus clinched the Scudetto on the first weekend of May, but never to the extent that caused Beppe Marotta to put down a full chunk of change to begin with. But as Juventus' fancy new website tells us, the chances Isla got were few and far between. That's 588 minutes, folks. Just for contrast sake, Simone Padoin played nearly 200 more minutes than Isla. I'm not making that up It's right there to see for yourself.

That, of course, means the rumor mill is alive and well, spitting out whatever the hell it feels like. First, there was this (via Football Italia) earlier in the day on Thursday:

"There are a few details to sort out" before Mauricio Isla can join Inter, confirmed the Chilean's agent.

The winger spent this season at Juventus, but is still co-owned by Udinese and seems set to return to the Stadio Friuli.

He won't be there long, as Isla appears to be heading straight to San Siro.

"Isla to Inter is very probable. There are few details to sort out first," agent Claudio Vagheggi told TuttoMercatoWeb.

There's a lot of speculation in there — both from Football Italia and from Isla's representative — as is every transfer story other than official press releases right now. And there's also a whole lot of agent speak there, too, which could be a sign of truth or just a representative trying to use some kind of ploy to get Juventus to give him more of a chance.

Isla could very well be on his way to Inter, something that would seem odd considering the price Juve paid for just half of his contract this time last summer. Maybe there's something else in the works? I dunno.

But then, a short time after the quotes from Isla's agent became known, there was this:

Well, color me confused.

Convenient, isn't it?

Suddenly, after quotes regarding his exit are released, Isla's contract situation is resolved. Magic! Well, not really. Sky Italia, for what it's worth, is basically the only media outlet in Italy saying that Isla's co-ownership has been being renewed for next season. No details of another season with Juventus, but that's apparently too much to ask of them.

So much for that. We'll at least have some clarification soon enough, but for now it's like everything — a big fat waiting game with nothing but rumors to fill the time.

It's an interesting situation for this very reason: Isla could very well be the player he was at Udinese next season, or he could never really show the same kind of explosive force on the right wing because of his knee injury last year. We just don't know right now. I guess that waiting game continues.