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Gonzalo Higuain announces he's leaving Real Madrid, says he has an offer from Juventus

David Ramos

Looks like Beppe Marotta has indeed been working and his efforts just got a big boost in an effort to land a big-name goal scorer.

As if the speculation wasn't all but certain, Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain has made it as official as official can get that he is leaving the Spanish giants this summer and is in search of another club. This comes almost exactly a month after Madrid's GM, Jose Angel Sanchez, announced the Argentina international would be sold during the upcoming transfer window.

Well, well, well. So Juventus has an offer in.

The possibility of Higuain moving to Juventus was discussed just after the first round of rumors were put into overdrive. Now, that talk is almost certainly going to return after the past week has been focused on Juve's pursuit of Stevan Jovetic. While Marotta came out on Friday and said that the club has made no formal contact with Fiorentina to start negotiations, many feel that Jovetic has emerged as Juventus' No. 1 target.

And now we know that Higuain has offer from Marotta, so there's that.

In conclusion: Beppe Marotta has got himself a few options.