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Post-Game Thread: Matri scores, Conte keeps the peace, Juventus can't stop winning

Maurizio Lagana

Antonio Conte didn't surprise us with anything he did when it came to his lineup. There were expected changes. And not only changes, but a whole bunch of them with a mid-week away match after a weekend full of Scudetto celebrations.

But there were two things that didn't change in Bergamo despite all of the shuffling in the Juventus starting lineup.

1. Juventus won.

2. Juventus recorded a clean sheet.

Shocking, isn't it? Okay, maybe not. It's kinda become the norm these days. And that's even with Conte having to try and lay down the law — which he did successfully — during the match's 15-minute delay in the first half. No truth to the rumors that Conte has been contacted by the Turin Police Department in regards to a possible future in law enforcement.

And even before there was the need for Conte Crowd Control Company to show its face, Juventus scored the only goal on the night in impressive fashion. Don't believe me? Watch it. That pass from Andrea Pirlo. That trap and finish from Alessandro Matri. Style points — give them all to Juve.

The end result might have been a rather bland 1-0 win, but the facts still ring true: Nine straight wins. Five straight shutouts. The club record for points in a season is still within reach with two games left to be played. And even though the Scudetto is done and delivered, three points are still three points and wins are still wins.

You know Conte wouldn't want it any other way.

My Man of the Match: Going with Andrea Pirlo would be too easy. So, you know what? That's why I'm choosing Mauricio Isla instead. His lack of playing time has been a major talking point this season. Just when you think he might get a chance to get some playing time, it never really happened. But he certainly showed what the Udinense version of Isla is all about on Wednesday. He had a handfull of beautiful crosses from the right flank in what his first start since his horror show against Milan in late November.

I will say it right now: Isla deserves to be with Juve next year. Not only that, he deserves to show what he can do on the field when he's actually done completely recovering from a serious knee injury. We saw glimpses of that against Atalanta, now to only make that a much more regular thing. And the same goes for his playing time, Mister Conte.