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Juventus celebrates their Scudetto — social media edition

Been on the Twitter machines lately? They're blowin' up, man.

Claudio Villa

Over the last two years, we've seen Juventus step up their social media game to something that compares with any other club across Europe. Not only the club, but Juve players have a very consistent presence amongst the Twitterverse as many have come to find out.

So, naturally, their was a social media-heavy influence during Sunday's celebrations across the city of Turin.

First, Andrea Barzagli reminds everybody what Juve just won.

Simone Pepe found the road sign that he really never let slip out of his hands the rest of the day.

Then there was this.

And this.


Who likes to party? Mirko Vucinic and Giorgio Chiellini like to party.

Leonardo Bonucci shows off his newest shirt.

Sorry, Arsenal. We know how much you miss him.

And then there was a parade.

Who's ready for a Scudetto parade? Claudio Marchisio is ready for a Scudetto parade.

Did I mention Marchisio likes Scudetto parades?

So does Luca Marrone, who has found a couple of bearded dudes to hang out with along the way.

Add Barzagli to the list of Scudetto parade fans.

To try and rival Pepe, Claudio Zuliani found something to carry around.

Party time.

With a friend, of course.

Yep, Sunday night was a pretty good night.