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Post-Game Thread: Juventus shock everybody, win second straight Scudetto

Okay, not really. But Scudettos are always fun to win.

Tullio M. Puglia

Two for two.

Last season was unexpected. This season was almost wrapped up two months ago. Both great achievements in their own unique way. Both examples of how, under the direction of Antonio Conte, has brought Juventus back to their storied best.

Now, almost a year to the day that Conte won his first Scudetto as Juve manager, he has done it again.

Once Arturo Vidal scored yet another goal from the spot — his fifth goal in the last four games — the inevitable was seemingly upon. He showed his usual heart above his head, then ran over to the stands to give his buddy Simone Pepe a hug, a moment that almost brought the injured winger to tears.

The curva unfurled banners, the tifosi then invaded the pitch. And for the second straight season, the television cameras caught Martin Caceres sprinting into the dressing room as he ran away from a handfull of fans. It just isn't a Scudetto celebration unless that happems, huh?

Ah, the beauty of it all.

What does this all mean?

Antonio Conte wanted Juventus to get across the finish line against Palermo — and they did just that. Il Mister shall ask, and Il Mister shall receive. (Insert whatever you want to say about summer transfers here if you damn well feel like it.)

Two for two, boys and girls. We couldn't have drawn it up any better than that.

You know how the song goes, right? "SIAMO NOI SIAMO NOI..."