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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus are coming to America for a summer 'vacation'

Claudio Villa

No, I'm not talking about this Coming to America...

...I'm taking about this coming to America. Courtesy of the good folks at Juventus' official website.

The Biaconeri will make their tournament bow at the home of baseball side San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park, against Everton on Wednesday 31 July at 8 p.m. local time.

Their opponents for the following fixture, to be contested on Saturday 3 August at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium, will be determined by the result against the Blues (Chelsea) and the outcome of LA Galaxy's clash with Real Madrid in Phoenix, with the winners and losers to be pitted against each other.

Well, I think I know what I'm doing on the last day of July instead of huddling up around my laptop and checking Major League Baseball trade rumors all day long. And I like referring to the Giants as a "baseball side." Maybe I'll use that from now on.

If you aren't familiar with the majestic AT&T Park, the crown jewel of stadium in MLB, here's a quick look. See those hills across the Bay? That's where I grew up. Now you see why I'm excited for this match to be taking place.

But this isn't all about me and having Juve come to my hometown. Nah, not even close. This going to be how Antonio Conte prepares his side for the upcoming season. This, one would think, is Fernando Llorente's first game wearing a Juventus jersey. Maybe even a couple other of signings, but that's obviously still to be determined, negotiated and paid for.

For now, though. Juventus are coming to the West Coast and I couldn't be more thrilled.