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Finding the hilarity in all the Claudio Marchisio-to-Manchester United rumors

Future captain, ladies and gentlemen.
Future captain, ladies and gentlemen.
Claudio Villa

Some people might think "Hey, that's a pretty ordinary picture of Claudio Marchisio you got there." And it is. Claudio is quite the handsome devil. I'm not afraid to admit that. I'm sure I'm not alone in that notion.

Why did I chose said picture for this post? Look at it closely. Look at it real good. Look at it over and over again if you really want to. Claudio Marchisio isn't just celebrating a goal against Bologna back in March. No, no, no. There's much more to it than that. Our little prince is putting hand-to-heart with the crest of the club he grew up at in between. He's done it before, sure, but every time he taps the Juventus shield, you know it means something to him, as does seeing a Torino-born midfielder go from the primavera to the senior squad to a starter and now one of the most important players in the whole dang setup.

So, when I saw yet another round of Marchisio-to-Manchester rumors, I decided to do a quick Google search. And in David Letterman fashion, we're going with a Top 10 of sorts. Or, in this case, the first 10 results that popped up on my computer screen.

1. Red Devils could succeed in bagging Claudio Marchisio

2. Picking a Manchester United XI to exploit Claudio Marchisio

3. Scoring Claudio Marchisio: Juventus' rumored Manchester United target

4. Why Juventus should work to keep Claudio Marchisio

5. Manchester United line up 25m bid for Juventus' Claudio Marchisio

6. Manchester United to press ahead with Juventus target Claudio Marchisio

7. Manchester United eye up 20m transfer for Juventus star Claudio Marchisio

8. Claudio Marchisio: The turbo-charged midfielder to boost the new Manchester United

9. Nani key to Marchisio swoop

10. Manchester United transfer news: Quintero or Marchisio? United may move for both players

The internet is abuzz! Marchisio is off to Manchester! Better start looking for a house now, Claudio! Well, not really. He's actually headed off to Coverciano to start training with the Italian national team, but who am I to get in the way of actual facts, ya know? These are just the first 10 headlines amongst hundreds that scatter the internet. I especially like the one about Nani being the important piece to a move. Because he's really what Juventus need, huh?

Sure, Man United may as well be preparing a bid to try and convince Juve to sell their precious Principino. There was a little something on Tuesday afternoon regarding this matter. But when you put it all together, you just need to ask yourself one simple question: Why in the hell would Juventus even consider selling somebody as important as Claudio Marchisio?

I know the answer to that. So does Antonio Conte, a man who wore the same No. 8 on his back as Marchisio and knows a thing or two about being a captain at Juventus. The importance of Marchisio along with Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo is as important as any part of Juventus' team.

But this isn't breaking news. Juventus didn't steamroll through the rest of Serie A just because. They're the best team in Italy for a reason. And Il Principino has a lot to do with it.

So, Claudio Marchisio to Manchester United, you say? It's just funny. All of it.