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Open Sunday Serie A viewing thread

Because there is no Juventus and actual things to be settled on the season's final day.

Claudio Villa

One last day of calcio this season. And unfortunately for all of us, there's no Juventus game to be preparing for. Well, the way they played last night maybe that's a good thing. But that's in the past and clearly not the end of the world.

And now that Juventus' season is officially over, we can

Most notably, Milan and Fiorentina battling for the third and final Champions League spot.

Their opponents — Siena for Milan, Pescara for Fiorentina — have already booked their respective tickets back to Serie B for next season. The Viola need a win against Pescara plus a Milan loss to completely take over third place. If Fiorentina wins and Milan draws, then the fun begins.

Let us not forget, this could very well be Max Allegri's last stand with Milan, as rumors about the current Milan boss taking over at Roma continue to pick up serious steam.

And just for the lulz, what will Pescara's goal differential be when the final whistle is blown? Currently sitting at minus-53, it can't get that much worse, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, enjoy the final day of calcio for weeks on end. Make sure to get your fix while it lasts. It'll be a little while until actual games come back to these parts. That, and no Juventus stress and some footy on the television? Okay, I can dig it. Hooray for non-Confederations Cup footy!

We'll be kicking off our offseason of fun tomorrow. That means you all who haven't been watching Juve since they clinched the Scudetto against Palermo a few weekends ago can come back.