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Post-Game Thread: Juventus draw with Cagliari, get trophy for it


Claudio Villa

For the second straight weekend, Juventus Stadium was abuzz with a Scudetto-related party just 90 minutes away. And for the second straight weekend, what turned out to be a so-so game was followed by the chance to celebrate another season's worth of hardware.

A 1-1 draw to Cagliari? Eh, not the best thing in the world. But it didn't matter, really.

Did Juventus deserve to win? Yeah, probably. Sometimes, though, you never get a win win you probably deserved to. That;s just the way life shakes out and sometimes you just have to learn to deal with it.

This day, however, was about Gigi Buffon coming off the red carpet with perfectly combed hair and lifting the Scudetto. The "SIAMO NOI" chants were going from the opening kickoff and they didn't quiet down over the course of the next 89 minutes. It was loud, it was festive, and it was everything you expected it to be because Juventus Stadium, despite its short period of existence, has learned how to throw a good party — and Saturday afternoon into early evening in Turin was no different.

Breakdown of the game? Eh, sometimes you just got to party and not worry about the small details.

And judging by the reactions every time a player was introduced during the Scudetto celebration, Juventus were certainly in the mood to party. Man, I can get used to this. I'm pretty sure Antonio Conte can, too.

My Man of the Match: Arturo Vidal, it's as simple of that. Player of the Game. Player of the Month. Player of the Season.

Sure, no goal scored — ending quite an impressive run of five goals in four games — but Vidal got the next best thing. His eighth assist of the year pretty much ensured he'll finish as the team leader in helpers. Oh, and he had a game-high eight tackles against Cagliari. You name it and Arturo Vidal probably did it. Yet another impressive game in what has become one hell of an impressive season.