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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Cagliari

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Claudio Villa

For the second straight year, for the second straight week, for the second home finale, Juventus Stadium will be abuzz with Scudetto-related activities.

Spoiled is what we're getting. Then again, it's not like I'm objecting to it.

Today's match against Cagliari is the culmination of what we've known for weeks, what was made official six days ago, and what has been one of the team's primary goals — the chance to lift lo Scudetto for a second straight season.

Sure, an actual game between Juventus and Cagliari will actually take place. It's meaningful when it comes to Juve's current winning streak and the chance to keep the chance to break the club record for points in a season alive, but everybody will be waiting for what is taking place after the final whistle blows.

The party started last weekend, now it's time to continue to reap the rewards of all the work Antonio Conte and his crew have put in since pre-season training began in July. Maybe Claudio Marchisio will wear the trophy as a hat again. Lord knows that kind of stuff makes really good photos to use over and over again.

So, who's up for another Scudetto celebration? I know I am.

Will Antonio Conte keep the squad rotation going and give his usual group of starters or give the reserves some more playing time? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. One thing is for certain, though: We won't have the pleasure of seeing Andrea Pirlo's beard until the post-game celebrations get underway.

But feel free to stick around after the game. Rumor is they're raising a trophy.


Juventus XI (3-5-2): Storari; Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini; Isla, Vidal, Marrone, Marchisio, Giaccherini; Giovinco, Matri

Juventus bench: Buffon, Rubinho, Caceres, Vucinic, De Ceglie, Peluso, Anelka, Padoin, Lichtsteiner, Quagliarella

Cagliari XI (3-5-2): Agazzi; Perico, Rossettini, Astori; Muru, Conti, Ekdal, Nainggolan, Dessena; Pinilla, Ibarbo

Cagliari bench: Avramov, Del Fabro, Eriksson, Cossu, Thiago Ribeiro, Nene, Sau]