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The Aftermath: Juventus-Bayern Munich link dump

Because you clearly want to remind yourself how awesome Juventus was on Tuesday...

Dennis Grombkowski

Wednesday afternoon/night reading if you feel so inclined. And it was such a great game, you know you want to relive this one over and over and over and over again. THAT GOOD, PEOPLE. That good.

(That's sarcasm.) Stats indicate deserved Bayern victory

Uh, ya think?


The Guardian: Bayern Munich v. Juventus — as it happened

You want to relive that? You sick, sick bastard.

Star-divide Chiellini concedes Juve 'lucky to be alive'

Based on simply reading the headline, I'm just nodding in agreement with Juve's No. 3. Then you read on and you can't help but understand just how much of a divide there was between Juventus and Bayern on Tuesday. The most telling quote of all? This one:

"We weren't really up to it today. We knew Bayern have a team full of great players and tonight they were superb. They played with such intensity for 90 minutes and we simply weren't prepared for it. That's what made the difference out on the pitch tonight."


The Independent: German winning machine Bayern restored to full power against Juventus and ready to go the distance

Yes, Bayern were one of the heavily-tipped sides coming into the 2012-13 edition having reached the finals a season prior. But in this day and age where the press wants to pin the "favorite" tag after every single performance, Bayern proved them right. As we've said, the German giant's showing was simply fantastic, keeping Juve at bay in the same kind of fashion that few teams have since Antonio Conte became manager.


ESPNFC: Juventus left for dead by a superior Bayern Munich

I'd rather read this any day of the week than look at gifs of sad Conte all day long. Maybe that's something other than this you'd like to do, but we never completely agree. And hey, it's not like it's written by somebody who doesn't know what they're talking about. In fact, it's basically the complete opposite.


ESPNFC: Bayern experience trumps Juve

Quick summary: Juventus are still relatively unexperienced at this stage of the Champions League (especially so under Conte), while Bayern has been here before. That's something we tend to forget sometimes as we watch Juventus compete on the European stage this season.


Zonal Marking: Bayern's pressing prevents Juve bringing their strike duo into play

Mr. Tactics himself breaks it all down. Lots of fantastic information awaits you — even if you want to read about Juventus' strikers. I know, we never talk about them at all. Completely new ground for us. (More tactical analysis from the man behind Zonal Marking, Michael Cox, can be found here at The Guardian)


Football Italia: Juve outplayed, outthought and out?

In case you didn't already know, Bayern were the better team on Tuesday night — by far.


NBC Sports: Dominant Bayern Munich expose gap between themselves, Juventus

I'll leave this one here. Go at it as you may.