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Post-Game Thread: Juventus gets caught in Bayern Munich's red sorm

Well, that game sucked.

We all has a sads.
We all has a sads.
Joern Pollex

I don't know what the odds were of Bayern Munich scoring within the 30 seconds on a deflected shot, but you've probably got a nice chunk of change in your pocket if you placed a bet on it. And if you had Bayern playing better after loosing a player like Toni Kroos to injury, then you'd probably been even richer by now.

It was Bayern domination at its best. 2-0? It probably should have been more than that. Sure, the stunning beginning to the game changed a lot of what Juventus wanted to do, but they actually responded well to it for a 10-to-15-minute period of time. But once Arjen Robben came on after Kroos was yanked with a groin injury (no pun intended, really), it was all Bayern.

And I mean all Bayern.

They really did anything they wanted to the Juventus midfield and defense. And it didn't help that Juve were constantly turning the ball over and only adding to the chances that Bayern had in the final third. When was the last time we saw Andrea Pirlo turn over the ball that much? When was the last time we saw Andrea Barzagli have a sub-par game? When was the last time we saw Gigi Buffon give up so many rebounds instead of holding an initial shot?

Yes, Bayern played one hell of a game. But it was a very un-Juvenuts-like Juventus performance and that only added to how lopsided things ended up being.

So, a quick summary: Very good Bayern, very bad Juventus. Put those two drastically different showings together and you get exactly what happened. Bayern deserved it — and probably more than what the final score read. Now a 2-0 hole heading back to Turin? Okay, not completely impossible. But no Arturo Vidal or Stephan Lichtsteiner? Dammit.

The incredibly difficult just got that much more tough. At least it's at Juventus Stadium. At least Paul Pogba will step in for the suspended Vidal. I wouldn't mind a repeat of Chelsea's visit to Turin earlier in the season. That was fun.

Today wasn't. Not one bit.

I'll just leave this here.