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Late Friday/early weekend link dump

Lennart Preiss

For obvious reasons, there isn't much Champions League stuff involved. What's needed to be said has already been said. No need to rub salt in the wounds. I guess we can now all watch the rest of this season's European competition without raised blood pressures and the need to bash your head against the wall on numerous occasions.

Or click on some links. Sometimes that's fun. Just make sure they're appropriate links. Or something.

ESPNFC: The fat lady has sung, the Old Lady is out

One thing caught my eye in this Champions League-related post. It reads as follows:

With a stadium packed full of believers and speeches given throughout the week of the need to keep the faith, fans chanted: "If you don't jump, you don't believe!" Leaping as one to honour their team, there was genuine hope the tough old bird would peck her way out of trouble.

However, it seems the players didn't really believe...

That's a pretty damming statement. I turn it over to the masses. So, your thoughts?


ESPNFC: 'Bayern were a class above,' according to Conte

I know I posted it in the last thread, but it deserves to be brought up again. A lot of very interesting comments from Antonio Conte. And on top of that, it's Antonio Conte speaking a lot of sense even though it came after a very disappointing and emotional loss to Bayern.


Sports Business Insider: Rebuilding a fallen giant

A look at how Juventus Stadium, the Champions League, and Italian television rights will impact how the Old Lady will continue to be reinforced over the next few years. Why? Because, as well all know, money talks. And crunching numbers is fun.


Football Italia: Juve require time and money

Ah, a sweet buzzkill. Okay, maybe not, but Beppe Marotta has never been one to really go out and declare that Juventus are going to spend like madmen. I guess we'll have to be patient. But don't tell that to Tuttosport. I heard they're coming out with their 55th 'Suarez-to-Juventus' rumor of the year. EXCLUSIVE!


We Ain't Got No History: The Champions League of Hate, presented by Rafa

I know it has nothing to do with Juventus, but it's funny. Who'd be the No. 1 seed if there happened to be a Juve version, Massimo Moratti?


ESPNFC: Arsenal fan banned three years for throwing banana at Bale

Didn't your mother teach you to eat your fruits and vegetables, man?