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Post-Game Thread: Juventus' fight just wasn't enough against Bayern

Until next season, ladies and gentlemen.

Alexander Hassenstein

Even before kickoff in Turin it was going to be tough. Trying to flip a 2-0 scoreline on aggregate against the one of the Champions League finalists from a year ago — and odds-on favorite to win it this time around — who is in the midst of one of the most dominating seasons ever.

Juventus needed goals — they didn't get any. They came close, but whether it was because of Manuel Neuer or some other reason, nothing materialized. You can blame Beppe Marotta all you want for no acquisition of said 'top player,' but the players that were on the field weren't able to find the back of the net over two legs. They had chances, but couldn't capitalize like in prior European contests.

And against a team like Bayern, who weathered the storm perfectly before Mario Mandzukic put the tie away with his 64th-minute goal, you have to be at your very best to have a shot. Juventus battled, but it wasn't their best showing. And because of that, it was the second straight 2-0 scoreline against the machine-like German champions.

It happens — especially against this Bayern side. Just ask the rest of the Bundesliga.

Yeah, it sucks. Nobody ever wants to lose in Europe — especially at this stage in the game. But a little perspective: Juventus were on their way to their second consecutive seventh-place finish in Serie A two years ago. Now, Juve are saying goodbye to Europe after reaching the quarterfinals. And hey, if Juve didn't get drawn against the best team in Europe going right now, who knows if they'd still be going on in this wonderful competition.

Juventus will be back. Antonio Conte will be back. Bayern are where Juventus want to be, the elitest of elite in European football. Until next season, boys.

Now just go and finish off the Scudetto so we can celebrate and have another parade. Seriously, though. Who doesn't like a victory parade?