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Pre-Weekend Juventus Link Dump

Juventus things that should interest you because they matter.

Valerio Pennicino

So, how are things going for Juventus right now?

1) Atop Serie A by six points with 11 games to go

2) Recently clinched their spot in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in absolutely convincing fashion.

I'd say that things are good for Juve, wouldn't you? We can't really complain about a whole lot of stuff at the moment. Well, that's until Mirko Vucinic passes it to the other team for no apparent reason the next time he steps on the field. But I won't dwell on that right now. I'll save that for a random Twitter outburst or something.

Here are some links that you should link to...or something.

Juventus primavera advances in NextGen Series |

After the first team's progression to the Champions League quarterfinals yesterday, this time it was the Primavera's turn. Baroni's side emerged 1-0 winners in their last 16 clash with Rosenborg in the Next Generation Series to set up a quarterfinal meeting Chelsea.

Well done, lads. Maybe if Juventus continue this pattern, there will be a whole lot more trophies going around the training grounds at Vinovo. And hopefully the Primavera pick up on another trend that is available to be handed down — that of beating Chelsea in big-time European competitions.


Buffon keen to avoid Real in Champions League draw | ESPNFC

Wouldn't we all, San Gigi? I'm kidding. Other than Bayern, I really don't care who Juventus' next Champions League opponent is. Of course Real is one of the best teams left, but it's not like Juventus are a bunch of scrubs.


Changed Juve ease past Celtic to reach quarters | ESPNFC

This paragraph pretty much sums things up for me:

Whether it were the wonderful tackles of Federico Peluso or the turns of Pogba, Juventus did what was necessary to secure the win and preserve their energy for the important clash against Catania on the weekend.

You can't see it, but I'm just sitting here nodding in agreement.


Bonucci and Matri proud of businesslike Juve |

Interviews with both Leo Bonucci and Ale Matri after Juve's 2-0 win over Celtic on Wednesday night in Turin. Who doesn't like quotes? (Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question.)


Inter and Juventus in Rooney chase | Football Italia

Quick summary: lol. Don't mind me. I'm just over here laughing hysterically at all the funny transfer rumors.


Fabio Quagliarella wants Juventus stay | Football Italia

Go ahead. Try and find something negative that Fabio Quagliarella has said about Juventus since he arrived at the club. Try me. Even when his playing time has clearly uncertain at this point in time, Quagliarella wants to stay in Turin and play in the Champions League on a regular basis.

But of course he had to go and score when he was a day away from being placed on the Juventus milk carton. Thanks for messing up my plans, Fabio.


Legrottaglie backs Euro Juve | Football Italia

As one of the classier Juve players in recent memory, I always carry things that San Nicola says a little higher than some of the others who are no longer at the club. He was here when things were good, and stayed when things were as dark as they could possibly be. Now that he's off finishing his career somewhere else, it's good to see he still has an eye on what some of his buddies in Turin are up to.


Juventus still see themselves a rung below Europe's elite | Yahoo! Sports/Reuters

The biggest thing throughout this Champions League run is that the players, coaches, and everybody else associated with Juventus have stayed humble as hell. Andrea Pirlo said some stuff along these lines a few days back, and within the article Antonio Conte pretty much reaffirms what everybody's favorite bearded wonder stated.


The collective of Juventus might dare to dream about Champions League glory | The Independent

How do we know it's been a team effort this season? Well, Juventus' top scorer in all competitions was basically benched for the last five weeks. They've had to play without one of the best defenders in Europe during some of the biggest games of the season. Oh, and that whole thing with Conte being suspended to begin the season, too. It hasn't been easy, but Juventus finds themselves in a very good position as the games — no matter what competition it is — get only that much more crucial and important.