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BWRAO Exclusive: A new blogosphere meet and greet for 2013

Valerio Pennicino

Sometimes you want to make things your own. I'm guilty of that since I took charge after John left to do lawyer things last year. But at the same time, you don't want to mess up a winning formula. Ain't broke, don't fix it. That age-old saying never sounds fancy, but it's effective at the same time.

And since it's one boring ass international break, there needs to be something to do to pass the time, right? Right!

It's been a little over a year since we moved from our old digs into SB Nation's sweet-looking house full of high resolution pictures and a commenting system that doesn't need to be refreshed to see that latest posts from readers. One of the best things from our Offside days was that we had the Juventus Offside Meet & Greet. It's hard to believe that was nearly two and a half years ago, but the datelines don't lie. It was so long ago, I was still writing in all caps and basically reverting to being the Juve Offside's class clown in the latest and greatest post.

But enough about me. Let's learn about you, shall we?

(Professional transition music plays loudly over the speakers.)

Much in the same fashion as the first meet and greet, it's pretty dang simple: Tell us about yourself and get to know the other folks who you see on here regularly. You don't have to go into essay-length answers for each question, but it wouldn't hurt to drop a few details.

Enjoy. We shall try and make this damn international break move along a little faster.

No. 1 — Where are you from? What's your nationality? Where are you living now? (If you don't want to be specific, that okay. But if you want to give your mailing address, Jorid might show up with a cake or something. You never know.)

No. 2 — What do you do for a living? Or, if you're still in school and therefore struggling to find spare change in your friend's couches, what's your major?

No. 3 — Why are you a Juventus fan and when did you start following them?

No. 4 — Why the hell do you read this blog? (Bans for wrong answers!)

Actual No. 4 — Who is your favorite Juventus player, both past and present?

No. 5 — If you could have watched any Juve player from your pre-Juventino days, who would it be?

No. 6 — What three players do you wish could play for Juventus right now that currently aren't? (Points will be docked if you say "Messi, Lionel" three times.)

No. 7 — What is your favorite Juventus moment?

No. 8 — What, in your opinion, makes Juventus such a great club?

No. 9 — What's your Twitter handle and how bad do you want followers? (And if you really want people to become your friend, you can tweet us or at @JuventusNation and we'll say cool things about you.)

No. 10 — One (or more) non-football thing that people on this blog don't know about you.