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Juventus' Martin Caceres Involved In Horrifying Car Crash

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Marco Luzzani

Antonio Conte was celebrating on the sidelines as full time approached against Bologna Saturday night. But he surely wasn't doing the same in the hours following the 2-0 win that sent Juventus temporarily 12 points cleat at the top of the Serie A standings.

Defender Martin Caceres, everybody's high-socked Uruguayan, was involved in an late-night/early-morning car accident in Turin hours after Juventus' win in Bologna. The match was the first time the 25-year-old Caceres had been called up since injuring his back in training last month.

From Juventus' official website:

Martin Caceres has been discharged from Turin's CTO medical centre after being involved in a road accident in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Uruguayan has been moved to the Clinica Fornaca di Sessant and was visited by Dr. Bennech and plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Fraccalvieri.

He is in a good condition and will spend the next couple of days undergoing treatment and necessary test at the clinic.

The diagnosis is a head injury, with a lacerated contusion wound to his scalp and right cheekbone.

According to the Associated Press, Caceres' car — a Porsche, I might add — was hit by another car that ran a red light. If you want to look at the aftermath of the crash, La Stampa has a photo gallery of the scene. It's scary, scary stuff just looking at it. It surely had to be worse to witness in person if you were anywhere close to it.