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Juventus-Celtic Aftermath Link Dump

This could be the start of a long-awaited caption contest.
This could be the start of a long-awaited caption contest.
Jeff J Mitchell

It's been busy around these parts the last couple of days. So you know what that means? I'm phoning it in today! Ha, suck on that.

Well, I've done some reading since Juventus rolled in and out of Glasgow with three away goals and a wonderful 3-0 lead over Celtic after one leg, but not much typing. Then again, I'm typing this out, so I guess I just contradicted myself in all of that. What a waste of the interwebs.

Anyways, enjoy the links. If you liked anything else I didn't include here, feel free to share it in the comment section. And if you want to show off some gifs from Tuesday's win in Glasgow, those are welcome, too. Who doesn't get a smile on their face when looking at a gif of Antonio Conte celebrating a Juventus goal? Exactly. It's against our religion to not like such a thing.

Sky Sports: Lichtsteiner rejects criticism of tactics against Celtic

All right, let's just get this one out of the way right now. Call me biased all you want, but Lichtsteiner didn't cross any kind of line with me as he tangled with Gary Hooper in the box on the 5,000 corners Celtic had. I've been the 'keeper on the receiving end of strikers trying to obstruct your route to the ball and having a defender try and get him out of there is pretty much the norm. If it's such a big deal, come watch some college soccer over here, Mr. Lennon.


The Daily Record: Celtic fought bravely against the ruthless Old lady but were stung by some poor refereeing decisions

And for an opposing view, I present you this.

Here's your Glasgow daily paper column penned by Craig Swan about how Juve are a bunch of dirty players who got away with a bunch of stuff they shouldn't have. I'm pretty sure the headline says it all.

I don't think he'll be sharing some lunch or adult beverages with Mr. Lichtsteiner any time soon.


ESPNFC: Juventus steal away Celtic's hopes

The four-letter network's senior football — no, not handegg — editor reports live and direct from Celtic Park.

I'll just let you guys discuss the third paragraph if you don't want to click the actual link:

Celtic were mugged by a most wily Old lady, coached by be-wigged Antonio Conte, a constant presence on the sidelines after the end of his match-fixing ban. His team blend the dark arts with an ability to mortally wound an exposed opponent. The trio of away goals they take home to Turin arrive by such a combination. Alessandro Matri, Claudio Marchisio and Mirko Vucinic picked at Scottish sores to kill off Hooped dream of going further in the modern Champions League than ever before.


ESPNFC: Juve's quality decisive against Celtic's effort

Too much Juventus bias!!!! Well, not really. It's just centered on Juventus because, well, it's from the always-interesting Mina Rzouki and her Juve blog on ESPNFC. See, it makes totally sense now. The dots have officially been connected. Nothing left to see here, folks.


Football Italia: Decisive Matri showing true form

I've put a good number of words towards the renaissance of Alessandro Matri over the last few weeks, and now everybody else is following my example. I'm kidding, of course. But seeing people recognize Matri for how well he is playing right now is good to see. It makes me feel like I'm not completely stupid.


Herald Scotland: Juve serve Lennon a reality check

Wait, it's not all the ref's fault? I don't get it.


Zonal Marking: Celtic cause problems in the first half, but Juve's finishing far superior

I mean, when you think about people who break down the game after the fact, who does it better?



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