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VOTD: Who Needs Boots to Score? Not Alessandro Matri

Alessandro Matri is still riding the trail to becoming a very good striker again — and apparently hit can do it without wearing on of his boots.

Yeah, I'm not joking with you on this one. Matri's goal, which put Juventus up 2-0 in the first half against Fiorentina on Saturday, came sans right boot. Maybe it was the slick moves by Arturo Vidal before he passed it to Matri. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't tie his boots tight enough before coming out of the tunnel for pregame handshakes. Who knows.

But what we do know is this: Matri scored another goal — his third in as many games — and he didn't need his bright yellow Adidas boot to do it. Hey, whatever floats you boat, I guess. If it works, it works.

Just keep on scoring goals, Ale. I like it when you do. And so does everybody else.

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