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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Bologna

Claudio Villa

So here we are. Juventus are rolling in Serie A now. How do I know? Well, we can look at the facts, of course. Antonio Conte's squad have won six straight games, allowing all of zero goals over that stretch.

It's a pretty good run this Juventus team is on. They're back atop the league table, three points ahead of the suddenly struggling-for-results Roma.

Shall we keep it going and make it seven straight wins? How about giving Mr. President, Andrea Agnelli, something to celebrate on his 38th birthday?

I'm all for it. Keep the president of the club you play for happy, you guys!

If Juventus indeed makes it seven consecutive victories, they'll be able to sit back the rest of the weekend and know that they'll have a six-point lead atop the table for at least 48 hours. Hey, it could be worse. That's a pretty nice thing to see happen with a rather important game in Istanbul waiting in the wings just a few days from now.

They can keep the momentum going, then head off to Turkey with even more confidence than you entered the weekend with. But at the same time, simply focusing and talking about the Champions League can wait a day or two. We can worry about Galatasaray later. Right now, it's Juventus vs. Bologna. (No sandwiches, though. Dammit.)

Lineups will be posted in the comment section because I won't be able to update the post before kickoff. Sorry. folks. That other job of mine calls and that means no time in front of the laptop for yours truly. Feel free to file a complaints if you feel that it's necessary.