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UEFA Europa League Draw: Juventus heading back to Turkey to face Trabzonspor

Dino Panato

The cameras cut to Pavel Nedved after Juventus found out their Europa League opponent, and his reaction said it all.

It's Turkey again for Juventus in a European competition. Hopefully Trabzonspor do a better job keeping their pitch in order if there's a massive hail and snow storm than Galatasaray did. One can only hope I guess, right?

But these is the first card that Juventus were dealt in their first Europa League fixture of the season. They didn't want any, obviously hoping to be part of the draw that kicked off the festivities in Nyon. With the way Juventus crashed out of the Champions League, maybe the way of thinking went "Hey, I'm sure Juve would love another trip to Turkey. That sounds like one hell of an idea!"

You have a sick, sick mind, UEFA. Thanks a lot!

The schedule is as follows:

First Leg: Feb. 20, Trabzonspor vs. Juventus at Juventus Stadium

Second Leg: Feb 27, Juventus vs. Trabzonspor at  Avni Aker Stadium

If Juventus get past the Turkish side, who finished ahead of Lazio in the group stage, Antonio Conte's side will face Serie A foe Fiorentina or Esbjerg out of Denmark in the round of 16. I'd like to say I remember the last time Juve faced La Viola, but I've decided to block that game out of my brain for certain reasons.

Feel free to not remind me how it went. Something tells me Giuseppe Rossi did Giuseppe Rossi things.