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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Sassuolo

Claudio Villa

Based on scientific research I have conducted prior to kickoff of Juventus vs. Sassuolo, I have come out with two outcomes for said matchup.

Want to hear them? Well, I don't really know if you have a choice.

1. Juventus will be as pissed off as ever, taking out their anger on a Sassuolo side who just so happens to be on the brink of dropping into the relegation zone. Not exactly a place you want to be as the winter break gets closer and closer now, is it?


2. Juventus will turn in one of those classic "Champions League hangover" games, playing like a team who looks every bit of a team that was taking part in a European contest just a few days before.

There could be an option behind a random, Mystery Door No. 3, but I feel like keeping things at two, so that's where we'll leave it for right now.

Juventus vs. Sassuolo is the first chance for Antonio Conte's squad to put the debacle of falling out out the Champions League behind them. And when I say 'behind them,' I actually mean using it to light a fire under their you-know-what in the same way that the loss to Fiorentina did nearly two months ago.

It's simple: Juventus need to turn a negative into a positive and get their minds right. And if that means taking a good amount of anger on Sassuolo, then so be it. I don't doubt Conte would be against an old-fashioned whoopin after what has gone on over the past four or five days. It's been one of those weeks, guys and gals.

Let the games begin, and the shutout streak continue. (Shocker the former goalkeeper would say that, huh? I'm becoming predictable.)


Juventus (3-5-2): Buffon; Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini; Isla, Vidal, Pogba, Asamoah, Peluso; Tevez, Llorente

Juventus bench: Storari, Rubinho, Lichtsteiner, Motta, Caceres, Ogbonna, De Ceglie, Padoin, Giovinco, Quagliarella

Sassuolo (3-4-3): Pegolo; Marzorati, Bianco, Antei; Gazzola, Marrone, Magnanelli, Kurtic, Longhi; Missiroli, Floro Flores

Sassuolo bench: Pomini, Pucino, Rossini, Ziegler, Valeri, Laribi, Chibsah, Schelotto, Alexe, Farias, Masucci, Zaza