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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus-Galatasaray to resume Wednesday afternoon in Istanbul

Claudio Villa

If you were asking yourself "When the hell are Juventus and Galatasaray going to resume their match?" you now have gotten your answer. No need to wait around much, go ahead and start making your viewing plans for Wednesday!

Oh. This West Coast resident sees that kickoff time and envisions Juventus celebrating their advancement into the Champions League knockout stages just as the sun rises outside the living room window. But that's just me.

Forget the kickoff time for a second, though. I've got a question: We all saw how quickly the weather changed Tuesday night in Istanbul, so what is the weather supposed to be like when this thing is scheduled to begin tomorrow?

That's not encouraging. Nope, not one bit.

At least it's not a full 90-minute match, right?

Well, maybe not really. Galatasaray will be able to go all out for 60 minutes in a must-win situation. Juventus weren't looking all that great to begin with on Tuesday, and now they're going to have an opponent with its foot fully on the gas trying to get to the knockout round.


UPDATE: The original kickoff time of 13:00 CET that was announced by UEFA and Juventus has now been pushed back an hour to 14:00 CET, according to multiple reports. UEFA has confirmed the new kickoff time, which was changed to an hour later because of concerns raised by the Turkish police.

Cool, another odd twist to what has been an already ridiculous couple of hours.