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Parma 0:1 Juventus - Fabio Quagliarella & Pual Pogba wake Juve up for win

If you hadn't fallen asleep by minute 30 I salute you, though those that stayed awake witnessed one heck of a Quaglia-Pogba fortuitous link up for the winning goal

Marco Luzzani

Popular American sportswriter Bill Simmons describes players like Quagliarella as "irrational confidence" guys. Even more popular Juventus writer Danny Penza likes to compare such playing style to a FIFA scenario in which you go for fun hail marys against a spoiled, acne-infested teenager with a bad attitude.

The first thing that came to mind after I saw his ridiculous turn-around shot hit the crossbar was WILD CARD BITCHEEEEES! You just never know what exactly Quagliarella will do, but you know it will be something unorthodox and irrational. And you have to give it to the man - he's made a career out of that shit. Diving headers from point blank range, curling drives from 40 yards out, audacious chips while representing his country...and crazy shots at goal with his first touch of the game to set up the winning goal in a drab match against Parma.

If it weren't for Quagliarella, I would've entered deep sleep coma before the match even ended and would've enjoyed a lovely nap for a few hours. Instead, Pogba settled the game off Quaglia's crossbar rebound and for the third time in a row, Juventus take the three points in Serie A and go home with a clean sheet.


Buffon: 7 - Another walk in the park game for Gigi. His biggest threat was Ogbonna's back passes.

Barzagli: 7.5 - Not like he had much of a challenge in front of him, but time and time again Andrea Barzagli leads the defense with his presence, determination, focus, and solidity. At his age, it's really admirable.

Ogbonna: 6.5 - Started off very shaky but eventually found his rhythm as Juventus dominated more possession. You couldn't help but feel though that an error was imminent if Parma were to attack more. I actually really like the strength and height he provides, but he will need to be consistent. He won't have the luxury of consistent playing time so he'll need to find a way to stay useful for the full 90 minutes regardless.

Chiellini: 7 - Seemed up for the challenge to guard Amauri closely and even ventured forward with more enthusiasm. Pretty standard game for Giorgio.

Padoin: 6.5 - Similarly to Ogbonna, came in to rest one of our starters and needed plenty of time to get into rhythm. Had some good crosses in the second half once he was able to play a bit further up the pitch.

Vidal: 7.5 - I saw you guys went for either Pogba or Quagliarella for man of match in Danny's poll, but Arturo was my top performer for the night. I just thought over 90 minutes he was the most consistent. Was his usual pesky self on defense and was a lot more dangerous offensively, at least taking shots from outside more. Maybe it was just that I was half-asleep for this game too, so put away them pitchforks.

Pogba: 7.5 - From my limited football playing experience, that goal he scored is actually pretty difficult to pull off technically. His composure in such situations is so admirable for his age. Overall, he played a bit wider and further up once Pirlo came on, which I am starting to realize I like a lot more. I am not sure he is cut out for the regista role...just yet. In due time, maybe.

Marchisio: 6 - Wasn't a factor whatsoever. He is a shadow of the Marchisio we used to argue if the tag "world class" was fit for or not. Starting to rack up a few too many "games to forget" if you ask me.

Asamoah: 6.5 - Had some decent runs and cuts towards the 16-meter box, but again, nothing memorable from the Ghanaian. I don't understand why he is unable to take advantage of weaker defenders in front of him. His game has become so much about beating defenders rather than overlapping and slipping behind them that I wonder if he is able to do that once teams start playing a bit higher up the pitch. Teams like, Madrid on Tuesday for example (that is if we stick with the 3-5-2).

Tevez: 6.5 - The first "quiet" game for Tevez in a Juventus jersey that I can remember. Could've actually scored in the second half from a Padoin cross but shot straight at Mirante. Glad he was subbed off actually, hopefully he will be a bit fresher for Tuesday. He is key against a team like Madrid.

Giovinco: 7 - He does go down easily, but I thought he deserved at least 5 more free kicks than he already won from the physical Parma defenders.


Pirlo: 7 - The pace changed if only slightly once he came on. His presence allowed Pogba to play higher up and eventually end up with the goal. A great sub from Conte.

Llorente: sv

Quagliarella: 7.5 - First touch of the ball, back against the wall with a defender on him, 20-some yards away from goal. Oh, I know, how about a turn around shot towards the upper left corner? Classic Quaglia.


Conte: 7 - You could see his frustration mounting as the game went on, he certainly wasn't happy with the drabness of the game. Who was, though? Quagliarella and Pogba fortuitously bailed him out, in a way. The biggest test is yet to come though - Madrid on Tuesday. In Conte We Trust!

For the end, Pogba's goal with Zuliani commentary. Enjoy!