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VOTD: This is Fabio Quagliarella on Italy's 'Dancing With the Stars'

When watching Juventus these last couple of weeks before the international break (which sucks, by the way), the thought of one of Antonio Conte's players appearing on Italian television while dancing hadn't really crossed my mind. Mainly because we don't really need a designated program to watch them show us their skills. I give you Exhibit A:


See? They dance enough on the field. Who the heck needs Italian television to add to their dance moves. Not in the slightest, you guys.

But I digress.

Fabio Quagliarella, as the above video shows, has suddenly become a dancing fool. Okay, based on how he stands still a decent part of the time, maybe 'dancing fool' isn't a good way to describe him. Maybe it should be more like 'bearded Juventus striker attempts to dance' or something like that.

Either way, this is Quagliarella on television getting actual scores for how he danced with his partner.

You can now cross it off that bucket list of yours, Fabio.

I guess when he's not scoring insane goals or doing awesome things in the Champions League, Eta Beta is keeping busy on the dance floor. I mean, it could be worse. And how many other guys can say "My knee exploded a couple years ago and now I'm singing 'SIAMO NOI! SIAMO NOI!' on an Italian television show!"?

I'll say it's not very many at all. Just a guess, though.