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Mirko Vucinic set to miss Fiorentina, doubtful for Real Madrid, according to reports

Claudio Villa

When Mirko Vucinic's pulled lame and grabbed his hamstring in Juventus' Champions League tie against Galatasaray earlier this month, it wasn't good. You could basically see the moment something went wrong, and then seconds later Vucinic was grabbing his leg in obvious pain.

Now, a few weeks later after some recovery time, it seems like it's almost a certainty that the Montenegrin striker won't be coming back for a couple of rather important games about FIorentine and Real Madrid coming out of the international break. From Football Italia:

Juventus boss Antonio Conte has some good and some bad news ahead of their game with Fiorentina this weekend.


But they will have to do so without Mirko Vucinic, who has failed to recover from the injury he picked up in the 2-2 draw with Galatasaray.

The Turin side can call upon Stephan Lichtsteiner, though, who is back in contention despite pulling out of the Switzerland squad.

And for further confirmation...

I guess I have one less option to worry about in the match previews, right? Well, for the time being, at least. It's too bad. I was ready to break things down for all of you guys and gals.

But now we're down one fewer option than a lot of us assumed would be in the mix to get serious playing time against two pretty good teams. And so is Juve heading into a very important three-day stretch for a pair of crucial matches both domestically and in the Champions League.

We know Carlos Tevez will start Juventus' next two games as long as he's fit and ready to roll. But who will be his strike partner coming Sunday afternoon in Florence and three days later in Madrid is up in the air. Could this finally be the time when Antonio Conte fully lets Fernando Llorente loose for two games in a row? Or, will Mr. Champions League, Fabio Quagliarella, look to continue to strive on the European stage? Maybe Sebastian GIovinco?

All questions are fair game at this point with Vucinic still struggling to regain full fitness. With six days separating us from kickoff against the Viola, there will be plenty about who should get the chance to start next to the guy who currently wears Juventus' No. 10 jersey.