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VOTD: Andrea Agnelli talks Juventus, racism in Italy and World Cup 2022

Just because it's the international break doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Thursday was basically the Andrea Agnelli media tour. He was a good amount of places saying a good amount of things. And, of course, there will be a lot of hubbub about what Agnelli said about a certain Paul Pogba and the French midfielder's future at Juventus.

But as the above video will show us, the media blitz and subsequent questions weren't just related to his Pogba comments.

Juventus' President took to the CNN stage and not only chatted about what is going on in Turin at the moment, but also Serie A as a whole. And then, as an added bonus, we got to hear Agnelli say "UEFA" in his own unique way and discuss the possibility the 2022 World Cup being played in the winter rather than the summer.

And when the El Presidente speaks, we listen.

I especially liked his thoughts on the racism issue within the borders of Italy. He knows the culture, he knows the problem is a real one, but he also knows that everything isn't going to be fixed with a few snaps of the fingers. And as we know, it's not like a small and select number of Juventus supporters are completely innocent in all this. They've certainly added to the problem despite the club's best efforts, as Agnelli noted, to eliminate the racism problem in Italy.

I'm just disappointed we weren't able to hear more about those tweets to Jack Wilshere. Maybe I'll try and find an update on that for everybody now that we're all curious about what may or may not be said on the Twitter machine.