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Antonio Conte Reportedly Cleared Of More Charges

Hell yes.

Sources: Antonio Conte celebrates the justice system actually working.
Sources: Antonio Conte celebrates the justice system actually working.
Valerio Pennicino

It may not be totally "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL," but news coming out of Italy regarding Antonio Conte and the continuous match-fixing nonsense looks to be good for a change.

From the Associated Press:

Bari, Italy — Juventus coach Antonio Conte reportedly has been cleared of more match-fixing, this time stemming from when he coached Bari from 2008 to 2009.

Bari prosecutors are wrapping up their inquiry and are in the process of notifying 20 people that they are under investigation — and Conte is not one of them, Italian media reported Tuesday.

Inter Milan and former Bari defender Andrea Ranocchia also was reportedly cleared.

Conte and Ranocchia could still be called in for questioning by the Italian soccer federation.

Among those named as being under investigation are current Torino and former Bari goalkeeper Jean Francois Gillet and Conte's former assistant, Cristian Stellini. Nearly all of the others are also former Bari players.

Conte was banned for four months at the start of this season for failing to report fixing when he coached Siena two seasons ago. He remains under investigation by prosecutors in Cremona. The Italian Maintains he is innoncent.

As a lot of scandals in Italy, it never seems to go away, doesn't it? This is obviously good news for Conte and we all should be thankful for it. But because this is Italy, things like this never go away.

Just wait. There will be more to this, I'm sure.

If not, well then I'm wrong and will be quite pleased as a result. It just needs to end. All of this.