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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Fillipo Boniperti Loaned Out To Parma

Giuseppe Bellini

Juventus continue their minor moves on transfer deadline day, agreeing to a number of moves involving youngsters who have, in one way or another, played for the club in recent years or have just have joined the Turin giants for the first time.

The biggest name involved is Fillipo Boniperti, who worked his way up through the Juventus youth academy and has been out on loan for the past couple of seasons. That last name seems awfully familiar. I wonder who he might be related to...

(Yes, that was sarcasm font.)

Welp. Here's the rundown from Juve's official website.

Juventus wish to announce the completion of four transfer deals with Parma and Siena.

Fillipo Boniperti, who spent the first half of this campaign on loan at Empoli, will join Parma after a co-ownership deal was agreed for the 21-year-old midfielder.

A further agreement with the Gialloblu has seen Juventus acquire half the registration rights of 20-year-old goalkeeper Galinetta Alberto, who will remain on loan at Feralti Salo until the end of the season.

Elsewhere, Juventus have completed a co-ownership deal for Siena midfielder Marcel Buchel, who will continue his loan spell at Cremonese.

Primavera prospect Andrea Schiavone will join Siena at the end of the current campaign after terms were agreed for half of the midfielder's transfer right.

That's four players, three teams involved in total. You may remember Buchel playing for Juventus on loan a few years back when Gigi Delneri was manager. He primarily played with the primavera, but made his senior squad debut in the Europa League against Red Bull Salzburg.

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