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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Reto Ziegler Rejoins Fenerbache On Loan

Claudio Villa

Reto Ziegler has been on the Juventus books for nearly two years now. However, he's becoming quite the frequent flyer, having spent the past two season out on loan after Antonio Conte deemed him surplus requirements before the 2011-12 season got underway.

He first spent the 11-12 campaign in Turkey with Fenerbache. And, after spending the summer training with Juventus — even appearing in a few preseason friendlies with the Old lady — he was again sent out on loan, this time to Lokomotiv Moscow before the summer transfer window ended in August 2012.

Now, Ziegler is headed back to Turkey.

From Fenerbache's official website:

Fenerbache Sports Club made an announcement to the Turkish KAP that the negotiations took start with Juventus Sports Club for Reto Primin Ziegler's transfer.

Obviously the English version of the Fenerbache website is laking a little bit, but you get the jist of what they're trying to say in the headline. Ziegler is headed back to Turkey and that's really all you need to know. Hopefully for Ziegler's sake, Juve can sell him to somebody in the summer just so he won't be forced to play this yo-yo game for another season. It surely can't be that easy to deal with.

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