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The Madness Is Here: Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

Paolo Bruno

Shhhhh!!! Don't tell the Italian press, but there's only one more day left in the January transfer window. It's not like that's going to stop them, though. Just wait until they trot out the Mats Hummels-to-Juventus rumors next week. Don't ask me why that's been a story before, but it has.

Thank goodness the transfer window madness is over until the season is done for the time being, though. Don't know how much more I could take. And it doesn't really help that Juve have pretty much sucked in the month of January.


Here's the deal with this thread: Talk about the transfers going down. Yeah, I know. It kinda defeats the purpose of what I'm tired of. But it's deadline day and obviously there's things going on. If something does go down — like Nicolas Anelka's deal with Juventus finally becoming official — there will be a separate post regarding the matter. It's always tough to cover the transfer window here on the West Coast just because it means no sleep at all, but the good folks at SBN have instructed us to do so, and I'm following suit.

So, be on the lookout for posts around these posts throughout the day. Hopefully the final day of the window will be a surprise or two — and I'm not talking Anelka signing on the dotted line. Either way, there will be something to talk about. I'm sure some of it will have to do with a striker — mainly because that's all we seem to be focused on these days.

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