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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Post-Genoa Suspensions Aplenty For Juventus

Valerio Pennicino

And the hammer has been lowered.

The post-Genoa venting has resulted in three players — Mirko Vucinic, Leonardo Bonucci, and Giorgio Chiellini — and Antonio Conte receiving bans on Monday. The person who was the most vocal after the 1-1 draw on Saturday, Juventus director general Beppe Marotta, was hit the hardest by the banhammer, getting banned until the middle of February.


Juventus will be without Mirko Vucinic, Giorgio Chiellini, Antonio Conte and Leonardo Bonucci for Sunday's Serie A trip to Chievo.

Vucinic, who was issued a yellow card in injury time against Genoa, joins Chiellini in receiving a one-match suspension. Conte and Bonucci have each been handed two-match bans.

Giuseppe Marotta has also been banned from all representative duties until 18 February.

In addition to the bans, Conte and Bonucci were fined €10,000, while the club itself was fined €50,000.

It's not surprising at all. Once we saw half the team going absolutely nuts after the final whistle blew on Saturday, something was going to happen. It's actually surprising that more players weren't suspended considering how many people were directing their anger towards the refereeing crew after the match. I mean, what's the point of suspending Chiellini when he's injured? Kinda funny actually.

Anyway, if you missed seeing Angelo Alessio on the sidelines, you're getting your wish for the next couple of weekend fixtures.