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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Gianluigi Buffon Signs Two-Year Contract Extension

Claudio Villa

Gianluigi Buffon will finish his career as a Juventus player. It's official, but it's not exactly surprising. Buffon's contract extension had been talked about since around the sam time

But now it's happened, after Buffon and Juve President Andrea Agnelli announced the agreement on Wednesday afternoon at the team's media center in Vinovo. And we can all say, if there was any doubt, that the greatest goalkeeper of our generation — and arguably ever — will all but finish his career in bianconero, coming to terms and extend his contract until the end of the 2014-15 season. That sounds good to say...or type.


Gianluigi Buffon has outlined his desire for further silverware after agreeing terms on a fresh deal with Juventus.

The goalkeeper, who has put pen to paper on a new contract that keeps him with the Bianconeri until 2015, was joined by club president Andrea Agnelli for this afternoon's official announcement at the Media Center in Vinovo.

There we have it. Like I said, it's not surprising at all. And while neither side were never in any kind of rush to get things done when it came to tacking on another year or two to Buffon's contract, there just seemed to be a sense that as time went on it would get done. I mean, it's Gianluigi Buffon, people. That's basically royalty right there. He's certainly royalty in the kingdom of goalkeepers (which I've always wanted to visit, by the way).

Don't believe me regarding the contract extension being all but wrapped up weeks ago?

Well, then here's what Buffon's agent, Silvano Martina, said Wednesday morning before the soon-to-be-35-year-old Buffon put pen to paper on the new deal. From Football Italia:

"There was never any problems regarding the extension. The fact that an agreement was reached with Juventus has been known for some time. All that was needed to agree on was a formula — the club wanted to give him a three-year deal and he wanted a one-year deal. In the end a two-year renewal was agreed."

And when it comes to things Buffon said, obviously it's tough to pick a thing that stands out just because he's so brutally honest and genuine whenever he speaks in public or to the media. I loved how a couple of journalists tried to get some dirt and ask whether or not he had received and/or considered any offers from other clubs and Buffon wasn't really having any of it. In short, Buffon basically gave a "Hell no." kind of answer. Obviously he didn't say it that way, but that's the jist of it.

But my favorite might have been the quote below. You want a role model for younger players, Gigi Buffon is basically the best on around — regardless of what position they play on the pitch.