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2013 FIFA Confederations Cup

Gianluigi Buffon reminds us all why he's awesome

Italy goalkeeper and captain Gianluigi Buffon showed us all once again why he's the best at his position now and possibly in history.

Open Italy vs. Uruguay / Spain vs. Brazil thread

The final day of the Confederations Cup wraps up with a game that means something, Spain vs. Brazil, and one, Italy vs. Uruguay, that probably shouldn't be played to begin with.

Confederations Cup Game Thread: Italy vs. Spain

Okay, so maybe the Confederations Cup isn't as big of a deal as the European Championships. But it's still Spain vs. Italy, so there!

Confederations Cup Game Thread: Italy vs. Brazil

Emanuele Giaccherini repaying his coach's faith

...with presents from the North Poll! There are plenty of extras for an elf to steal, right?

Confederations Cup Game Thread: Italy .vs. Japan

Pirlo scores, Giaccherini assists in Italy's win

Andrea Pirlo was Andrea Pirlo and Emanuele Giaccherini was, well, quite productive. Who knew.

Confederations Cup Game Thread: Italy vs. Mexico

Italy opens up the 2013 edition of the Confederations Cup against Mexcio. Hooray, hooray. It's time to samba in Brazil. Or something like that.