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VOTD: Remembering Gaetano Scirea

I never got to see Gaetano Scirea play in a game live. His last season on the field with Juventus was just before I turned all of two years old. A little tough to remember things from that early in my life (or try and find a cable channel that carried Juventus games on a regular basis).

Luckily for us who didn't get to see him, YouTube exists. Quality pieces of writing recalling what kind of career he had exist. We are able to educate ourselves on players we never got to see even though, well, we never got to see them. That's the beauty of living in this day and age. Technology is awesome.

And for me, Scirea is one of those players.

He was taken from the world far too soon. And when the calendar strikes Sept. 3 every year, it is a day that we remember what kind of person, player, and ambassador to Juventus Gaetano Scirea was.